Welcome to The Realm of Chaos: Shattered Kingdom

Download Now (Free to Play with no Pay to Win)

This is a remake of Nexus TK, the world's first MMORPG. Here's the highlights:
  • Play for free, with no level or stat restrictions whatsoever! There are also no pay to win items at all!
  • Pick from Poet (healer), Mage (caster/ranged), Warrior(melee fighter), or Rogue (melee / ranged fighter)
  • Level your character to 99 - and beyond. You can continue to enhance your stats with experience without limit.
  • Remain pure to your Path for extra path-related perks, or explore our unique dual-classing system and play a hybrid!
  • Explore our unique crafting system and enhance or repair your gear
  • Experience a lag-free server (compared with the original game)
  • Enjoy an active community with involved staff and extremely frequent content releases and updates
  • Participate in clan battles and wars in PK areas with real territory to conquer and hold
  • Immerse yourself in classic anime-style artwork such as this screenshot below (click screenshots for more!)